Access the LEVI fund for an enhanced EV charging strategy

LEVI Pilot Scheme Summary

The LEVI Scheme is a government-funded initiative designed to support the development of EV charging infrastructure in local areas. As part of the scheme, local authorities can apply for funding to install charging points in publicly accessible areas, such as on-street parking bays and car parks.

We can help you to manage and maintain your charging points, providing ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that they are working efficiently and reliably. We can also provide you with data and analytics on charging usage, which can help you to plan for future demand and optimise the efficiency of your charging infrastructure.

About the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Fund

The LEVI Fund supports local authorities in England
to plan and deliver chargepoint infrastructure for residents without off-street parking.

The fund includes:

Capital funding to contribute to the costs of delivering chargepoints.

Capability funding for local authorities to employ and train new staff specifically to plan and deliver chargepoint infrastructure.

Application Process

Local authorities need to follow a 3 stage process to access their indicative funding:

Stage 1: Expression of interest

Stage 2: Business case, criteria compliance and tender document review

Stage 3: Contract review

Financing available

The LEVI fund is £450 Million total. It is expected that £50 million of this will be used to fund staff and tools to help local authority EV charging strategies and plans.

In February 2023, it was announced that £8 million of the scheme would be directed towards the LEVI capability fund. This will equip local authorities with the skills and ambition to scale up their plans when it comes to their charging strategy.

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      LEVI Capability Fund FAQs

      There is £8 million of funding available.

      Tier 1 local authorities in England are eligible to apply for the funding. This includes Combined Authorities on behalf of their regions. Partnerships or consortiums led by a tier 1 local authority within England are also eligible.

      Local authorities should complete and submit a scheme proforma, which is available via the Energy Saving Trust (1) website , by 11:55pm on 26 May 2023.

      Embellishing on how the fund can support project planning, external engagement, commercial and internal activities, and public communications around the infrastructure are just some of the criteria listed for approved proposals. More information can be found via the Energy Saving Trust’s information pack.

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